About Rakuyaki


“Rakuyaki” is one of the traditional ways to heat up potteries in the kiln that started with Senno Rikyu’s original idea in Kyoto during Azuchi momoyama period, which is the end of the 16th century.
And the potteries made by the kiln has been developed through the actual use from tea ceremonies. It represents high artistic sense of “Rikyu-wabicha” to potteries, such as tea bowls.
As opposed to normal origin and development of kilns as regional industries, these potteries had a clear purpose that the potteries made by Shorakugama kiln could use only for making tea and made with high artistic sense and thought of “Rikyu-wabicha” that connects “Zen” which is related to Buddhism.

  • 黒焼
  • 赤焼