Pottery Trial

Flow of Pottery Trial

Call our office, fax, or send a request from our contact form to make a lesson appointment
※Contact us if the group member is over 20 people
Cancel available for free 2 days before the lesson.
Pay back 50% of lesson fee if canceled a day before the lesson.
Must not pay back on the lesson day.
Lesson day
The pottery you made will get glazed by owner and heat it up in the kiln.
Send it to your address.

Pottery Trial Course

We have 2 private lessons.
We also offer other trial lessons such as a tea ceremony.

  • One customer one pavilion Experience in pottery and cutting work/
    kneading hand "Black Raku Bowl"

    Modeling technique experience of special raku bowl
    The experience will be same as the bowl making which perform by the craftman.
    We do not use an electric potter’s wheel at all, so you can make the shape as you like by the kneading hand,
    and after firing about 1 hour, with the boardyou can finish the bowl which make by your own imagination by reduce the weight and, you will make the real of black raku bowl.

    Trial day
    every day
    ※Must come to the lesson room by 1PM
    How long
    About 3 hours and a half including an hour break time
    How many
    2 to 20 people are available
    Trial fee
    ¥45,000~(include tax)/per person, including sending fee to your address

    Schedule of the lesson

    Starts kneading and creating your own shape
    Break time with tea (Dry potteries you made)
    Shaving your potteries with a plane